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  • Develop new customers & introduce concepts of Energy Conservation.

  • Presentation of Energy Efficient Products developed in house.



  • A graduate with flair to excel and explore new avenues. A science graduate with MBA would be an added advantage.



  • Experience in handling Industrial Products &/or Solar Systems (Water Heating & Power).

  • Fresh engineering graduates, seeking practical experience in the field of Energy Efficiency may apply for Engineering Trainee.


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IT/ESDM Products

IT/ESDM Products


We at Sunshubh believe in measuring and monitoring. Thus Energy Audits are supported with high end (sophisticated) instruments. The second by second data recording option is adopted during the energy audit for critical load/ fault analysis. The detailed list is available on request. Energy Audit findings are followed up with detailed reports illustrating implementable measure and also atomisation and monitoring options, if required.
We at Sunshubh, believe that the Audit Costs should be returned back in the shortest period. Hence our clients are assured of best solutions with NIL or minimum capital expenses to feel the benefits of Energy Conservation before we discuss about Efficiency measures. We have proved to our existing clients that we always think out of the box and in most practical approach.

How Can We Help You ?

Electrical Energy : Although, we are qualified and Certified Energy Auditors, we strongly believe in Energy Conservation by consent. Most of the Energy Auditing assignments have yielded substantial energy Savings as they are all followed up with execution.
Energy Audit yields better working conditions, least or minimal breakdowns, quality finished product and high profitability.
Water: We address Water as the core Commodity for all establishments. Irrespective of its water requirements, Respecting Water yields stable process control and healthy production practice. Water pumping system consumes huge electricity and is highly neglected when it comes to efficiency norms.
We Specialize is bringing awareness and execute rain water management to 99% in house consumption.
Waste water generated from all waste is managed and the purified water to be used for outdoor activities.
Water pumping system consumes huge electricity and is highly neglected when it comes to efficiency norm.
Fuel Switching: It is common practice to avail the most readily available fuel to meet the heat (Thermal Energy) requirement of the process. We at Sunshubh exploit all possible Green Fuel Technologies and extend our assistance by bridging the clean fuel supply chain management and the enterprise, resulting into a fruitfull agreement towards clean and green environment.
We have converted many industrial establishments from Furnace oil, LDO, Diesel, Kerosene, to LPG , PNG, Solar Thermal to meet their heat energy requirements. Our effort towards CHPC( Combined Heat Power & Cooling) compliance continues and we eager to take more assignments.
Eg: Liquid to Gaseous fuel in Hot Mix / Ready Mix Plant LPG to Solar
Hot Air for low grade drying in paper unit,
Agricultural waste industries.
Waste heat utilisation for comfort cooling and room warming.
Information Technology: Our IT division designs the necessary systems as required by the enterprise which are non expensive, user friendly and custom built. Even the non technical management will be able to understand the process and manage the production by following energy flow in the plant. We will assist monitor the energy flow for the knowledge of the management and if need be from our remote control room.
6R’s: We have redefined the 3R’s.
REDUCE – REGULATE – REUSE – RECOVER - RECYCLE – RECIPROCATE. Recognize and recycle the resources (waste) within the organisation, make (explore) use of them both within and outside the process flow.
Once you implement the 5R\'s., look out to extend their application in more areas. Reciprocate by implementing them. Identify reusable resource and put them to good productive usage. Curtail your energy use by optimising energy consuming system. - Extract the left over energy in the process. Explore its usage in the Low heat application.


SUNSHUBH is a professionally managed, ISO 9001:2008 organization. We started with one small power measuring device and today is equipped with the latest technology monitoring and measuring devices. The present range of the devices can remotely monitor and record the data of the energy flow in an establishment second by second, record the actual energy flow in the establishment.
With the feedback from the industrial establishment SUNSHUBH has setup the country's first Energy Efficiency Park.
Here all energy consuming devices are put to display & their parameters are measured by simulating on site conditions. The Energy Efficiency Park is setup using the least energy consuming materials, such as Bamboo Ply, Precast Slab etc. The bamboo ply gives an exclusive rich look & has been appreciated by visitors. This is a place where one can feel, experience & explore all eco friendly products. May more products are being added in the days to come.
Sunshubh believes in data recording by measuring actual readings and implement corrective measures, wherever necessary.
We look at Energy Audit to increase profitability by saving on energy cost and practice to arrest machinery break downs. Energy Audit & Audit finding implementation services are the key aspects at SUNSHUBH. We strongly advocate in executing what we recommend and achieve the savings projected.

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