Energy Efficiency Park

Energy Efficiency Park

Why the Need for energy Efficiency Park? 



During the course of our years of experience in Energy Audit & Energy Conservation activities we found that the knowledge of Energy User is not updated. The appliances are chosen based on the looks, packing/presentation, time constraint and capital cost parameters. The implementation on the field is also not as per standards and designed parameters. Most of the small organisations have not sought the technical guidance from the qualified professionals. The non qualified Mestries (Technicians) have been given the authority to recommend the size & type of motors required for the applications. Hence we considered the importance of dissipating the knowledge of Energy Intensive Product to the end user with on field use simulation. Thus evolved Energy Efficiency Park.






                                                  Who will benefit?

The Energy Efficiency Park is targeted to educate the domestic sector, commercial establishments & the industrial organizations. Which are the products to be exhibited? Starting with the most commonly used devices, such as:


1. Switches: 

Switches are necessarily required in all establishments. Knowingly or unknowingly selection of switches creates huge amount of loss in energy and also failure of equipments. Hence to demonstrate the selection of switches at the Energy Efficiency Park. The Switches being used in house are place in transparent box. The faulty switches are simulated & the power consumed\loss is shown on the Watt Meter. Likewise the other parameters such as amperage, loose contacts, and soot/carbon formation will also be shown.  



2. Cabling system - need for proper sizing of the cables:

Another component in use of Electrical Energy is the cables. It is often seen that the sizing the cable is never near the required parameters. Often the quality of the cable (Insulation) is neglected to compromise the cost of the cable. The colour code in the cabling system is not maintained. In the switch box it is often seen that, switch is placed on the neutral side i.e. after the appliance. Thus causing appliances failure. A transparent cable ducting has been used in the park to show live the method of cabling. The size of the cable will decide in minimizing the internal losses and fire hazards.


3. Lighting System? T5, CFL, LED and the Induction lighting technology:

 This is another common component in the Electrical System, which is used by all sectors. Today's Lighting Industry has grown to a great extent, hence the need to choose the proper lighting system. Based on the capital cost & return on Investment without compromising the human comforts (LUX level). It is proposed to measure the power consumed each of the lighting system & also the light (LUX) output from these devices. Hence a comparison of T12/T8, T5, CFL, LED and Induction Lighting system will be shown to feel the effect & impact in person.


4. MCB's, ELCB's etc:

It is observed that old fuse/gear system prevails in the distribution boxes. The rating of the fuses is not appropriate. Hence they have never failed over decades of operations or they are fused out and shorted by other over sized cable. The presence of MCB's & ELCB's has not replaced these old technologies. Hence the demonstration of presence of MCB's/ELCB's inline will be shown to protect/prevent accidents and equipment failures. 


5. Motors, Standard, Eff1 & Eff2 type, Do's and Don'ts in rewinding of motors:

In all industrial organization motors consume nearly 70% of the Electrical Energy. The first cost (Capital) is 1% of the total energy consumed during its life period. Hence the efficiency of the motor will effect largely in Energy Conservation. In this regard we have to set up working bench for the motors. One will use the old/rewound/nonstandard motor coupled to an Air Blower. The second setup will have an Energy Efficient Motor coupled to a similar Air Blower. Both the Air blowers are planned to be identical and result shown line.

6. Motor Protection Devices:

Most of the motors are operated through Starters. It is normal for the start up current to be higher. Also because of various site conditions & line problems the motor either gets overloaded or burns out causing huge energy & capital loss. This intelligent motor protection device will reduce high inrush current & also gives protection against various short coming in the distribution system. Like Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Short Circuit, Earth Leakage, Face Fuse out, Locked Router etc. Thus helping us in monitoring the performance of the motor and saving huge possible process breakdowns. Thus saving on Energy and Production loss.

7. Occupancy Sensors:

It is human tendency to leave lights, fans switched on. If occupancy sensor is put in place it regulates switching on/off of the electrical appliances.

8. Air Blowers:

It is equipment in industrial process which is more often used for various applications. Like Compressors, Air Blower is also low in efficiency. Hence the selection of Air Blower is a specialized area which has been neglected till date. Hence the necessity to demonstrate the importance of well designed Air Blower can Project a huge energy savings in the unorganized sectors. Especially the small scale industries who cannot afford to consult a specialist.


9. Air Condition Monitoring Device & Efficient Handling of Cool Air Distribution System:


The present day Air Conditioners with star ratings have only replaced the older ones, it is often seen that cooling of the room is not effective at far end. Hence placing such monitoring device will help in maintaining uniform room conditions. Thus preventing Air Conditioners being operated at very low temperatures. With this system ...... an ideal 24to 250C room temperature is mentioned at all points; savings in the energy bill will be reduced by 2 to 3% for every degree centigrade settings. 


10. Thermal Insulation Paint/Padding :

In most of the low grade heating (thermal) devices, surface temperature is a major cause of concern for Energy Conservation. Hence use of thermal insulation paint/Padding effectively reduces heat loss through the surface. Hence it is proposed to demonstrate effectiveness of the thermal insulation paint live.


11. Flue Gas Based VAM/Air & Water Chillers:

The present day large scale industries chillers & cooler constitute nearly 42 to 60% of the energy flow. This 40% energy consumption can be reduced to 5%, if VAM is adopted. The use of VAM in combination with LPG fired generators will help reduce total energy demand by around 50%., thus Energy Savings.

The use of VAM in place of conventional chillers and Coolers will also help eliminate the Ozone depleting and thus attract multi fold (1:100's) (Carbon) Credits, More carbon points for less investment.



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