Information Technology

Our IT division designs the necessary systems as required by the enterprise which are non expensive, user friendly and custom built. Even the non technical management will be able to understand the process and manage the production by following energy flow in the plant. We will assist monitor the energy flow for the knowledge of the management and if need be from our remote control room.   


Applications of our IT/ESDM products


Information Technology when customised with (ESDM) Electronic System Design & Manufacturing can be used in a wide range of applications. We have discussed few of these systems and modules below.



The section highlights the benefits of using this worldwide standardized field-bus system, where it can be used and what is needed for its use.


Module Applications

The interactive graphic module application provides a good overview of product scope and suggested uses for the products. 


Safety Technology

They also provide optimal solutions when used in safety technology. We offer the right products for any system size, whether large, medium or small. Another convincing case for the use of our products is the simple implementation of Safe Link. This function enables linking of multiple AS-i networks with each other, even with different controllers are used.  


Safe Coupling via Ethernet

Safe Link is a technology within the Gateways with integrated Safety Monitors and the Safety Basic Monitors with Ethernet interface. It allows safety controllers to be connected to each other simply, efficiently and with the greatest possible flexibility.


 Speed Monitoring

We provide the right products for speed monitoring. We offer cost-efficient solutions for safe speed monitoring of sensors/initiators as well as of encoders.


 Advantages of the I/O Modules

Explanations on the advantages of our I/O modules page show why our I/O modules are an economical solution compared with other field bus systems even with just three or more field modules or three or more I/O stations.


Material Handling/Drive Control

AS-i really shows its strengths in material handling. We have the right devices. Roller drives or AC drives can be controlled directly through AS-i without the need for an additional controller, and the use of modules saves money and time.

24 Volt AS-i

We offer the cost-effective solution for small systems. With 24 Volt AS-i you can save space, save time and effort and reduce costs–without the need for an additional AS-i power supply.


Building Automation

In building automation as well, the advantages of AS-Interface have now become widely known. We show the simple, cost-saving installation and the high flexibility of the AS-i installation system.


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